5 Crafts in a Box: Pastels

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This 5-Crafts-in-a-Box kit let you try your hand at all five crafts (pom pom, tassels, friendship bracelet, weaving and cord) the Loome tool can make.

You can make least 2 pom poms, 2 tassels, 4 friendship bracelets, 1 small weaving and 2 cords (and definitely more, see photo). This Loome DIY kit a fabulous Loome starter kit or gift for all crafters. Great for holidays and time-off down time!

Note: Due to the small-batch nature of the yarn in the kit, colors may vary slightly.

How-To Loome: Videos

This kit contains:

1. Yarn: Medium Weight (for pom poms and more)
2. Yarn: Fingering Weight (for tassels, friendship bracelet, weaving and more)
3. Yarn: Jersey T-Shirt (for cord)
4. Embroidery Floss
5. Base Cotton (for friendship bracelets and weaving warping)
6. Nylon Cord
7. Rod (for weaving)
8. Felt (for weaving)
9. Plastic Needle


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