Advanced Knitting Fixes Workshop with Patty Lyons: FR Jun 14, 3-6 pm

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Delve beyond picking up a dropped stitch into more major fixes. Do you feel like you make a bigger mess when trying to fix lace or shaping? Learn to “tink” or un-knit increases and decreases without losing a stitch.  Reverse a cable or add a missing cable many rows down.  Fix common mistakes in lace, such as a missing YO or a K2tog 3 rows down.  Even learn how to shorten or lengthen your knitted piece. You have the power to fix it without frogging!

Skills needed:

You must know increases and decreases, as well as basic cabling. If you can knit the swatches, you can fix the swatches!!


  • Worsted or chunky yarn, light, solid. Small amount of contrasting color yarn of the same weight
  • Needles the sizes you used to make your swatches, double pointed needles or circular needle one size smaller
  • a crochet hook H, I, J, or K or hook appropriate for your swatch
  • Large locking stitch markers, scissors, darning needle, stitch holders


Students will be provided instructions for two swatches to prepare before class.

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