Crochet Czar VP Enamel Pin

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Own a piece of fibre space history with this custom enamel pin! Profits will be donated to our neighbors at Alive! House, the oldest continuously operating shelter for women in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Alive! House provides temporary housing for women and families in emergency and transitional situations.

In February, Vice President Kamala Harris visited fibre space to meet with Danielle and discuss challenges facing woman-owned small businesses during the pandemic. After the visit, a FOX News host and his guest mocked the idea of a woman owning a yarn shop and VP Harris herself, calling her the new "Crochet Czar." (throwing insults based on a person's gender--groundbreaking!)  

We are taking ownership of the term, and created this enamel pin to celebrate powerful women and their role in business, polictics, and fiber arts throughout history. All profits will be donated to one of our two favorite local non-profits that empower women to achieve their goals and stability.

Pin details:

  • 1.5" nickel-plated hard enamel
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