Fruit Pom Pom kit

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This fun kit can make six pineapples, watermelons and oranges (two each and one each if using the 7" tool).

They’re fun to make and can be strung or attached to just about anything - make a necklace, a fruity crown, put them in a basket for display or attach them to your straw hats and baskets.

How-To Loome: See this how-to video for Fruit Pom Poms

What's included:
1. Loome Tool
2. 7 Yarn Colors (Black, Fuchsia, Orange, 2 Yellows, 2 Greens)
3. 16' Strong String
4. Paper Pom Pom Trim Guide
5. 3' Nylon Cord
6. Pom Pom Quick Guide + Additional Downloadable Step-by-Step and Videos Online
*Note: Fruit necklace is pictured as an example only, the completed necklace is not included in the kit. 

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