Furls Wooden Yarn Bowls-Rosewood (limited edition)

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Handmade from strong Sheesham Rosewood, these yarn bowls can withstand the daily tests of the modern fiber-crafter. Unlike a ceramic yarn bowl, Furls wooden yarn bowls will survive a drop off of a high surface and are safe around children, pets, even in the bottom of a fiberartists tote.

Take care

The perfect way to nestle and care for your skeins. Working through a yarn bowl keeps your skein from bouncing, rolling, tangling, and gathering the dust from other household surfaces. Protect your fiber investments!

Last chance wood

These are the last Rosewood yarn bowls Furls will ever offer! After this limited run, Rosewood bowls are gone for good. If you love this rich, gorgeous wood, don't wait to grab one now!

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