Intro to Lace - the Lovable Sweater: SA Feb 4, 11 & 18, 4-6 pm

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Excited to learn lace knitting, but feeling a little overwhelmed? The Lovable Sweater is a perfect project to get started. The simple raglan shape keeps the focus on getting comfortable with new techniques and the repeated architectural motif is very approachable for first time lace knitters. Knit in aran weight, this project will fly off your needles! In addition to learning to knit lace fabric, we’ll also cover tips for keeping track of where you are while working a charted pattern and how to block lace. 

Three 2 hour sessions 

Skills needed:

  • Knitting and purling
  • Casting on and binding off
  • It’s helpful if students have made a sweater previously, but not essential

Skills learned:

  • Reading a lace chart
  • Lace increases and decreases
  • Swatching lace in the round
  • Blocking for lace


Sizes: 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”, 38”, 40”, 42”, 44”, 46”, 48”, 50”, 52”, 54”, 56”, 58”, 60”, 62” & 64”.

  •  Aran weight yarn: 829-1908 yards depending on size

We recommend De Rerum Natura Cyrano, Kelbourne Woolens Lucky Tweed, Berroco Remix, or Manos Del Uruguay Cardo. 

  • US 8 circular needles in a 16” cord and a US 8 in a 24” cord. Or whatever needle size it takes you to obtain gauge.
  • 1 BOR marker (make this marker unique from your other markers) 
  • 7 stitch markers for the body. 
  • Holders for your sleeve stitches. 
  • A tapestry needle or preferred tool for weaving in ends.
  • A copy of The Lovable Sweater by Sylvia McFadden pattern



Students should bring in a sweater they currently own (doesn’t need to be hand knit) that fits the way they would like their finished sweater to fit. 

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