Living Fibers Tapestry Weaving Kit

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The Living Fibers weaving kit includes an artist curated pack of fiber plus a flat pop out weaving loom. It has a combination of 200 grams of natural fibers, including cotton rope, linen ribbon, wool, ribbons, and other materials. The weaving loom measures 26cm by 22cm, constructed of MDF and complete with a comb and 2 weaving shuttles, and a digital video tutorial on how to weave.  The kit comes inside a paper craft envelope - perfect for gifting!

About Living Fibers

Living Fibers was founded in 2017 by Mariana Baertl, a Peruvian fiber artist specializing in embroidered and woven pieces for home décor. The brand was born from the artist’s deeply integrated passion in creating things with her hands.


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