Modern Daily Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy

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The funny thing about giving is that it can warm the heart of both the recipient and the giver. That’s what we’re thinking about with this Field Guide. The joy of giving.

Knitting for others has a long, beautiful tradition in knitting, and everyone who has done it knows how it feeds the soul to make something for someone. It can be someone we love. Someone far away. Or someone we don’t even know.

In this Field Guide, Modern Daily Knitting welcomes one of the biggest-hearted knitters they know, Jen Geigley.

Jen’s specialty is quick knits that feel fresh and modern. We’ve got hats for every size head, one-size-fits-all cowls, a throw with afterthought bobbles, and a cozy cardigan.

Browse all of the patterns and yarn requirements for this book, here on Ravelry.

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