Nanu Nudge Milestone Counter

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For the things that count. Nanu is a tabletop tally counter for personal reflection. Big or small, track the wins, routines, and habits that matter to you. They are made in small batches by a family run business.


A substantial product to hold and use. Nudge is made from a forged heavy-weight brass housing and enclosed with a mineral glass lens, much like a watch or quality timepiece.


Personal reflection should be an encouraging experience. Satisfying clicks and turns help to build positive routines, deserving of a spot in anyone’s daily routine.


Quality is extremely important to us. We’ve carefully engineered this product to last a lifetime so it spends less time in landfills and more time making life count.


58 mm x 64 mm x 56 mm

About Nanu

Nanu is a design-minded team of 4 based out of San Francisco. Combined, we have over 22 years of experience building and launching physical products.

We've always been fascinated with how certain objects make people feel. A handmade mug, an old watch, or a cast iron cookware. Each of these has a presence beyond its everyday function — a presence that gets stronger over time.

But as society encourages a disposable lifestyle, products refresh faster to drive repeat purchases. This way of thinking leaves our spaces filled with unmemorable transient items. Nanu exists to defy this trend. As designers, there’s no better reward than when our product has a presence in someone’s day-to-day.

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