Skill Builder: Mending

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Give new life to your beloved knits using visible and invisible mending techniques. Break away from the cycle of fast fashion and learn to fix holes, cover stains, and embellish wardrobe favorites. 

One 2-hour session

Skills needed: None

Skills learned:

  • Darning
  • Swiss Darning
  • Basic reweaving and simple embroidery 


  • An item to be repaired or embellished, freshly washed
  • Yarn to match the gauge of the item to be repaired: we offer mini skeins in a rainbow of colors and weights, or use scrap yarn from your stash 
  • Tapestry needles to match yarn weight
  • Darning mushroom or darning egg and rubber band (optional)
  • Scissors 

Before the first class: 

Search your closet, mending pile or thrift store for an item to mend

Bring all materials to class!

*Photo credit: Alexander Mursa

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