Tuft Woolens Bar Soap

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What is Sock Soap? Tuft handcrafted Sock Soap is perfect for all of your woolens, handknits or delicate items. Sock soap is all natural and contains lanolin which acts as a softening agent and conditions your wool and other natural fibers. No artificial surfactants or detergents are present in this soap. You can also use this as a softening shave or body bar in the bath or shower!

Fragrance: Green, woody and slightly spicy
Essential oils & Extracts: Cedarwood and Vetiver
Additives: Powdered alfalfa for color (bath bar)
Exfoliation: Mild
Other Ingredients: Saponified oils of-Coconut, Palm, Castor and Olive.

This listing is for one 4.00 - 4.5 ounce (approximate) bar of soap.

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