WoolDreamers Dehesa de Barrera DK

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We are so excited to bring a new yarn brand into space for the fall season – one with an amazing story and mission.
WoolDreamers is the brainchild of Ramón. Working in the textile industry for most of his life, Ramón sought a future where natural fibers, especially wool, took over from the convenience of synthetic fibers. He wanted the entire process of cultivating wool, from sheep to shepherd to shop, to be engaged in the well-being of the sheep and the environmental impact of the materials we use.
“WoolDreamers was born from the mission to improve the wool production process in a way that benefits all those involved and allows for improved care for the animals.”
WoolDreamers is based in Castilla- La Mancha, Spain. The yarn itself is a springy and squishy merino, sourced from one flock of merino sheep and completely sustainably produced. Celebrating the long history of wool in Spain (merino sheep started there!), WoolDreamers is working with ranchers to preserve and cultivate these heritage breeds for the next generation.
This limited edition yarn is spun from single-origin merino from Sierra de San Pedro de Extremadura, and a flock that has 200 years of history behind it. This is a very special yarn!

Yarn Details:

  • 240 m/100 grams (262 yards)
  • 100% Spanish Merino Wool
  • 5-4.5 stitches per in on US 5-7
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