Cable Needles, Bamboo

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These cable needles feature a metal band around the center of the to help keep the needle from slipping out of your stitches while cabling or picking up stitches (and also allow them to work with your Makers Keep or any other magent). The points are purposely blunt so that you can use a fingernail file or pencil sharpener to customize your preferred sharpness on the tips. We included 5 needles from US 2 through US 10.75 to give you a full range of sizes.

  • Material: bamboo and nickel plated steel so they stick to magnets
  • Blunt ends for customizable sharpness
  • Set includes one each of five sizes:

    • US 2/2.75mm
    • US 4/3.5 mm
    • US 6/4 mm
    • US 9/5.5 mm
    • US 10.75/6.75 mm
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