Geo-metry x fibre space Cocoon Yarn Holder: Celebrating 15 years in space!

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We have partnered with Geometry to create these special custom cocoons in celebration of our 15th year of business! These multi-colored cocoons were created with Geometry owner, Georgiana. They include a gold stamp of our logo on the handles.

This leather yarn cage is the perfect solution to keep yarn from rolling away while you stitch. The leather yarn holder comes with a strap so that you can hang it anywhere; it can also be a bracelet on your wrist while you knit. It is designed with a snap closure so that it is easy to open and change your yarn balls. These are handmade in vegetal tanned leather in the Geo-Metry studio in Denmark. They are 15cm diameter.

User tips:

  •  start pulling the yarn from the inside of the yarn ball
  •  attach the removable strap on the mid horizontal strap to get best balance of Cocoon
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