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Like all of WoolDreamers' yarns, Manchelopis is a breed-focused, heritage fibers - 100% Manchega sheep's wool.
Manchega sheep are native to the La Mancha region, and have been bred there for centuries. These sheep are cultivated for their milk, and you may be more familiar with the cheese we get from them! Manchego cheese must be made with 100% Manchega sheeps milk, and that history is in each skein of yarn.
Not typically raised for their wool, WoolDreamers wanted to highlight the softness and quality of the fleece. Our test knitter had the following to say:
Manchelopis is this unique pencil-roving style yarn that can cover a lot of ranges for your knitwear. This yarn is unspun, and it makes every skein look like a cloud of woolly cotton candy. If you always loved the look of the traditional Lopapeysa colorwork sweaters, this yarn would be a great soft option for making one!


Tips on working with this unspun yarn:

The manufactured plate-like wheels are wound into 2 strands of the yarn, which you can knit anywhere from US#7 to US#15 range of needle sizes. Two strands will provide more structure, yet remains lightweight. However, you can also work with just 1 strand throughout without needing to split each wheel into its individual skein, simply by working each strand in turn. For example, if working flat you can easily make it work by using a circular needle. Work the right side row once with one strand of yarn, then slide the stitches of your circular needle to the beginning of the right side row again, and now work it with the second strand. This expands your possibilities to use even smaller needle sizes from US#2 to US#6, as well as implement any additional colors to create fun custom striping sequences! If using Manchelopis this way, you will find 503 yards in each 3.52oz wheel of yarn!
Working it single-stranded requires some delicacy, as it doesn't need much tensioning at all. It is also very easy to spit-splice to rejoin the yarn strands invisibly. Easy and quick to soak, your projects will dry in a blink of time!
If you are looking to make this fiber even more structured and softer in a project, consider carrying it along with a silk mohair or cashmere lace weight yarns to provide additional drape and halo.
As delicate as the yarn is, the final fabric is incredibly soft and strong. WoolDreamers encourages us to treat this yarn as an experience, to slow down and really enjoy the process of knitting.

Yarn Details:

  • Fiber: 100% Manchega Wool
  • DK Weight
  • 503 yards / 100 gram cake
  • 25 sts and 34 rows per 4", size 3mm/US 3 needle
  • Hand Wash, dry flat
  • Due to the delicate nature of this yarn, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges for Manchelopis

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