Introduction to Rigid Heddle Weaving

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Learn the basics of weaving on a rigid heddle loom with this course and make a scarf!

Two three hour sessions

Skills learned:

  • planning your project
  • warping you loom
  • preparing your shuttle
  • weaving
  • finishing techniques

Materials list:

  • working rigid heddle loom 10” or larger. Loom should be assembled and ready to use before class start time. Schacht Cricket Looms are available at the shop.
  • shuttle (included with Cricket Loom)
  • 8 dent reed/heddle (7.5 dent is acceptable)
  • one 400 yard skein of worsted weight yarn or two 200 yards skeins in colors that work well together (we recommend variegated or semi-variegated)
  • warping peg (included with the Cricket Loom)
  • threading or heddle hook (included with Cricket Loom)
  • paper towel cardboard centers to help with warping (we can also provide long sheets of heavy paper)
  • scissors, tapestry needle, tape measure
  • notebook, pencil and paper
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