Knitting Independent Study with Alex

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Got a dream project you'd like to tackle? Nervous about trying a new technique or something big? Let’s do it together! This group class will allow students to bring in the project of their choice, whether it's a new cast on or something that's been languishing in the WIP pile. Work through questions or tricky sections with the guidance of an instructor and the encouragement of your fellow knitters. 

2-hour sessions.

Grab just one or register for multiple! If registering for 3 or more sessions at once, use code INDIE to get 30% off all the classes.


  • Pattern, which must be submitted to the instructor prior to the start of class. 
  • Yarn in the appropriate quantity for the desired project. If you're not sure whether a yarn is suitable or what yardage is needed, feel free to bring your options to class. 
  • Appropriately sized needles per selected pattern. If you haven't swatched yet, or aren't sure about your gauge, bringing in extra needles in a size smaller and larger is recommended. 
  • Stitch markers
  • Darning needle
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