Pascuali Yarns

We’re so excited to welcome Pascuali yarns to our shelves! Pascuali’s mission is to produce top-quality rare natural yarns, while supporting smaller farms in the process. This German yarn label was founded in 2008 in Cologne and specializes in producing yarns from natural wool. Pascuali strives to be environmentally friendly and to respect the hard hand work and exertion involved at each stage of the manufacturing process. Pascuali wool is mulesing-free and GOTS-certified. This means that the animals are kept according to ecological standards. Through promoting sustainable farming, woolgrowers are able to protect and regenerate the land, and care for the health and wellbeing of their sheep. The merino sheep that provide the wool graze freely, delivering a new fleece harvest twice a year.

Washable, not superwash?

While neither Maximo or Merino Baby are treated with chemicals to make them “superwash” – they are washable! Pascuali utilizes a biotechnological wool treatment (of enzymes) to modify the scales of the wool. When needed, Merino Baby and Maximo can be put in the washing machine using a wool cycle and cold water (drying flat). This treatment is more environmentally friendly than traditional superwash chemical treatments.

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